Sunday, February 13, 2011

2-14-11 Similes

1. Daily Journal: Out of the dark we came into the…
You need to include: Trumpet, Squeal, Dangerous, Reek, Crafty.

2. Change Poem is due

3. Lyrics Assignment - Kevin B.

4. Similes Activity


Seeing the world in a strange and different way requires imagination. A powerful help to your imagination is to make comparisons. In this activity, concentrate on making simple comparisons between different things. There are no right or wrong answers to any of the questions.

1. A calendar is like a mirror because_________________.
2. A sandwich is like a _________________ because______________.
3. An ice cube is like a cookie because______________.
4. A knife is like a whisper because________________.
5. Kissing is like a careful collision because_____________.
6. ___________ feels like a peeled grape.
7. ___________ feels like leftover spaghetti.
8. Falling in love sounds like_________ because__________.
9. A dentist’s drill feels like __________ because__________.
10. Tomato soup tastes like bleeding hearts because____________.

Now create a poem that includes at least 5 similes. You can choose if your poem rhymes or not.

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