Thursday, February 3, 2011

2-4-11 Daily Lyrics

Today's Journal Entry:
Write a thank you to someone for everything they have done for you. It could be a parent or friend for always being there for you, a sibling who supports you during a difficult time, etc.

Daily Lyrics Lesson

What is it?
Every day a different student will present a song to class. You will write a one page summary using the form I have provided, which you will hand in to me before you give your presentation. Your presentation will begin with the playing of your song (we will place the lyrics on an overhead as the song plays). You should then talk about your answers to the questions. The presentation should be no longer than ten minutes (5 minutes for song and 5 minutes of your description).

Why are we doing this?
We are surrounded by the English language every day without knowing it. Music is an integral part of our daily lives, culture, and society. We rarely think of these songs as pieces of poetry played with music. This assignment will make us more aware of the poetry in our daily lives and help us understand the songs that we hear every day.

What is required?
• A one page typed response to the questions provided posted to your blog and e-mailed to me.
• A typed version of the song posted to your blog and e-mailed to me. This will allow me to make sure the song is appropriate for the class.

What is not appropriate for class?
Use your judgment on this. The song should have appropriate language and subject matter. This assignment is meant to be an interesting and enjoyable way to study the language used in our popular music. If it becomes a problem, we will stop using this assignment.

How much is it worth?
The assignment is 10 points total, 5 points for the written portion of the assignment and 5 for the presentation. THIS ASSIGNMENT CANNOT BE MADE UP AT A LATER DATE.

Daily Lyrics Assignment:


Song Title :

Artist :

1. Why did you choose this song? Why is it important to you?

2. What is the story in the lyrics?

3. What is the structure?

4. What is the emotional tone or mood?

5. What is the message or lesson?

6. What is the intention of this piece of music?

Assignment for Monday:

Write a haiku from the brainstorm list you created yesterday (memories).

What is a haiku?

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