Monday, February 7, 2011

2/8/11 Ode

1. Daily Journal: Describe your most embarrassing moment

2. Lyrics: Allie Moore

3. Auto-Bio Poem is Due

4. We will write an Ode in class (due tomorrow)

Select a person, place or thing that you want to write about.
Write phrases describing how your item makes you feel and why you feel this way.
Write many phrases telling unique qualities of your subject.
Now, explain why your subject is important to you and why you adore it so much.
Join some of your phrases into lines for your ode. Remember they do not have to rhyme.

Now revise your lines following these steps:
• Take away any lines that are too similar
• Add more feeling to any meaningless lines
• Pick a good opening line or sentence
• Order the remaining lines into their best sequence
• Select a good closing line that clearly expresses your feeling about that subject.



Turtle oh turtle you are so small
I found you on the green of the 7th hole
You helped me through the day
When I take a break, you jump into your lake
I adore your cracks and shell
You’re a great swimmer, far better than me
You take a lap before I get in
Everything around you is fake and mine
From the pond to the rocks, all aren’t his
But he flips and runs on the sand and in the water
Without a care in the world
To what might happen around him.

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