Thursday, February 17, 2011

2-18-11 Sense of Time Poem

1. Daily Journal: A man/woman walks out into the cold night air. His/her hands are shaking from what just happened…

2. Lyrics: Alex

When writing these poems, select a different time for each one: Day of the week, month, season or holiday.

TITLE Pick a period of time from the list above and write it as a title
LINE 1 Assign a color to that time period
LINE 2 Describe the color with an example. The color of . . .
LINE 3 What does this time period feel like?
LINE 4 What does this time period sound like?
LINE 5 What does this time period smell like?
LINE 6 What does this time period taste like?
LINE 7 Sum up your feeling about the time period in a sentence.


February is bright red
The color of cherries and valentines
February feels like slick satin slipping
Between your fingers
It sounds like hot rock ‘n’roll
It smells like perfume and cologne
February tastes like sweet chocolates
February is here and gone in a flash

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